Renting a Wedding Limo
If you ask any married couple if there is something they can do differently when planning their wedding, they would list all of the mistakes they made. Some of these blunders are related to their wedding limo rental. 
Although renting a limo for your wedding may appear to be a simple job, it takes a great deal of attention to detail, just as your wedding planning does. 
Don’t be concerned! We’ve compiled a list of five popular mistakes that many couples make and provided solutions so you don’t have to.

1. Late Wedding Limo Reservations: 
Making a wedding limo reservation is one of the most important things to do when planning your wedding, so do it as soon as possible. Wedding experts recommend booking your wedding limo at least 6 months in advance of your big day.  While most firms can accommodate last-minute requests, it’s best to book your limo ahead of time if you want the limo that best suits your needs.

2. Not contrasting the features of limousines 
Many brides and grooms who choose their limos based on looks rather than features would tell you that if they had it to do again, they would pay more attention to the features of a limo.  Let’s say you have a 14-person wedding party but only have space for 10 people in your limo. Though the appearance of your preferred vehicle is significant, don’t overlook its capabilities, as they can either be an advantage or a liability on your day.

3. Using Excessively Expensive Limousine Services: 
While the phrase “you get what you pay for” is always valid, it does not always refer to value. Be sure to do your homework and compare rates before settling on a limo service. 
Call them and chat with them in addition to viewing their online galleries to get a sense of how they treat your call. When you chat with them, how you feel will predict how happy you will be with the service on your wedding day.

4. Reserving a Limo and not viewing it before your Wedding Day:
One of the biggest mistakes made when booking a limo is also one of the simplest, seeing the limo. Many reservations are made online because they are convenient. Though reserving a limo and not seeing it until the day might work for traveling or attending parties, for your wedding it isn’t.

5. Not Making a Travel Plan: 
An itinerary is useful because it keeps you on track and informs the driver about where you’ll need to go and when you’ll need to be there. You can find yourself running late or missing important events if you do not have a schedule. An itinerary will save you time and energy because your driver will be able to read your schedule and get you to your destination on time. It also has the potential to save you money. 

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